The current maximum load is as high as 100 kilograms. Yes, we use an electric engine with two motors.
We use cables (high-strength polyethylene fiber threads).
We use motors to provide resistance (electromagnetic force).
The S plan trainer Model Y supports adjustment between a minimum of 65mm and a maximum of 2026mm, and can support 20 levels of adjustment.
Yes! Can support the top push.
Yes! You can do both back squats and front squats at the same time.
At present, the minimum weight on each side is 2kg. The minimum weight we can adjust is 1kg.
We use high-strength steel as the main support material and use precision casting technology for processing, which shows great safety redundancy in the strength and durability testing process.
The support arm is made of high-strength steel, and the sliding part is made of engineering plastic with a small coefficient of friction as the medium.
The total resistance is 100 kilograms. 50 kilograms per arm.
It also has negative resistance because when it is retracted, it also has weight, which means you also need to use it.
The designed service life of this motor is 15000 hours.
We have different modes: standard, centrifugal, flow resistance, constant speed.
Standard: the simulation of the traditional counterweight block, with constant resistance;
Centrifuge: The return resistance is greater than the pull-out resistance;
Flow resistance: simulating fluid resistance such as wind resistance/water resistance;
Constant speed: Maintain a balance between tension and contraction during strength testing and rehabilitation training;
Yes, you can play your phone's music and videos by using the screen projection function.
The system will be updated frequently and new features will be added. A one-click upgrade will be automatically pushed to your device.
You can exercise without the Internet.
Keep the product away from heat sources and prevent exposure to direct sunlight. Do not place in damp or damp areas to prevent rusting or degradation of insulation effectiveness. When cleaning products, please use a soft towel or sponge dipped in clean water or non corrosive neutral detergent, and finally wipe with clean water, then dry with a dry cloth. After cleaning, do not turn on the power before the product dries.
The S-plan measuring mirror needs to be installed by a professional installer. Do not attempt to install, disassemble, or move without the presence of a professional installer. When you need to install, disassemble, or move your device, please contact our after-sales service team. A professional installer will install and debug the equipment for you at the designated location. Before the professional installation team specified in this manual completes the formal installation, do not attempt to power on the equipment to avoid danger.
There are two installation methods, which can be installed on the wall and require drilling and reinforcement on the wall; It can also be installed using a bracket. We suggest that you install it on the wall as it will be more secure.